5 Free Google Tools to Upgrade Your SEO Strategy

Do you want to know how can you optimize your website for search engines and get the best out of it? Then, this article is it, Catch some Free Google tools.

There's no need to spend your hard-earned money on fancy SEO tools when there are plenty of free resources available. If you're just getting started or don't want to break the bank, check out these 5 great options for beginners or anyone who wants to learn new strategy building tools that are free.
So, here we are going to discuss our TOP favorite Free Google tools that would help to amplify your SEO game.

Google Trends is a popular tool for keyword research that tracks the “trends” around search queries. You can use Google Trends to see which keywords are most commonly searched and when, so it's all in one place.

Find New Keywords

Google Trends is a resource that helps us understand how people feel about different topics. When you input something in the search bar, it will show you a chart where it represents what other people have been searching for and when their interest began to grow or decline over time.

The Related Topics and Queries section can be a real gold mine for those looking to expand their knowledge. It's packed full of links that will show you more content related to the one you're reading, as well as queries on what other people are searching about.

Advanced Keyword Research

Google Trends is a very helpful tool but it can also be taken to the next level. Across the top of Google, there are different categories that you can find such as regions and time periods which makes this site even more useful than before.

The category option will allow you to select the type of service that fits your needs. This is a great feature for people who specialize in one industry or have an extremely common query about their topic.

The search platform allows you to narrow your results by specific platforms such as YouTube Search, Image Search, Google Shopping or News. It's great for those with an integrated SEO plan who want more targeted searches on certain topics that they're targeting.

Visual Stories

Google summarizes Visual Stories as a service that provides “Bite-size visual stories for busy marketers, driven by trending topics and data from Google.”  Data that is gathered from Free Google tools are used to create stories, infographics, and videos.

Not only it shows you information about any specific topics but everything that is in hype and people are searching for are shown to you via stories and infographics, to make the process of understanding more easy and less time consuming.

It’s a good thing that Google has put so much thought into this case study because it seems to be working out for them. The data points from their research in regards to the audience's desires and perceptions is proof of how successful they are at meeting those needs.

With all the data about what users do on a website, it's easy to make changes that will benefit both customers and SEO. Having more information can help new ideas emerge for how to improve customer experience or address pain points you didn't know were there.

Rising Retail Categories

The world of e-commerce is constantly evolving and it's hard to know what the future will bring. Rising Retail Categories are a great way for business owners, retailers and entrepreneurs alike to stay on top of emerging trends in our ever changing society.

As Google continues to compile data on retail, it's becoming increasingly clear that customers want more than just the latest trends. They're looking for places where they can find a variety of products from various categories all in one place, and Google’s Rising Retail Categories tool has it covered.

As a professional in the e-commerce SEO field, this information will help you find which products are most profitable and worth your time. Learn more about how to optimize your shopify store, efficiently.

Consider a sales strategy for your product that will vary by market. Using data from this study, you can determine which products to focus on in each locale.

Grow My Store

Grow My Store is much more than just a guide to help you get started with online sales. It doesn't only give tips on how to set up your store, but also checks the site for Google Identifiers that are essential in today's competitive environment.

Here are the five categories that make up your account information.

Product Information is where you can find any purchase history, product reviews, and discounted items on sale for a limited time only. Your Store Details will show all of the stores available to shop at as well as addresses and phone numbers so there's no need to go hunting around. Personalization lets you create unique profiles with different preferences like whether or not coupons should be sent in order messages; it also allows for adjusting how often emails from certain departments get delivered (or don't). Customer Service gives updates about refunds, exchanges rates etcetera while Security helps protect against identity theft by having an encrypted password system built into our site ’ something we were really excited about when designing this

Using Grow My Store is easy! Just answer three questions: what is your domain, what type of business do you have, and what industry are you in?and they'll give you an overview of how well-positioned your business is in the eyes of their algorithm, plus some industry data too. Create an account for full access which includes reports on how best to grow by taking advantage of current trends or avoid pitfalls before it's too late.

Test My Site

Test My Site is a simple way to measure your site against Google's three main requirements. It will determine the quality of speed, personalization and experience for any website you have - no matter what kind it may be. And It may sound something similar like Grow My storer, but Test My Site is for any website, may it have a product-based business or not.

The first report from Test My Site will tell you how your mobile site stacks up against the competition. There is a tool that helps identify potential ROI and fixes for any slow spots on your website, which can be found in just one click.

Your first test result with Test my Site comes back as "Mini Report" to teach you about what's going wrong across many pages of content and offers recommendations if necessary. Not only does it give insights into specific page loading speeds but also provides data points like possible conversions based off these initial results- all at no cost to you


Google cares about many things. But one thing they are not so secretive with is what they find important on websites, and it can easily get you a head start in Search Engine Optimization (SEO). They’ve created quite the tools that can tell you exactly how to optimize your website for Google's algorithm.

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