The Definitive List of Google SEO Tools!

Start today with Google SEO Tools, which I am sharing with you, and Take your first step towards online success, with SEO Tools designed by Google itself.

Google is a powerful tool for marketing and advertising your business. It is also one of the most popular search engines in the world and with the right SEO, It gets a lot of traffic every day.

In this blog post, we will explore the top google SEO tools to help you increase your online presence and rankings!

Why are SEO tools important?

SEO tools are like a set of magic that empowers you and entertains you while providing data and alerts about the overall health of your website. They help in identifying the weak points of your website that may be preventing it from being ranked on Google, so you can fix them before they become huge issues.
Usually, these SEO tools are used for:

  • Site analytics
  • Crawling / Indexing
  • Keyword Research
  • Web security analysis
  • Device optimization
  • On-page optimization
  • Customer Research
  • Rank checking
  • Analyzing Site speed
  • WordPress SEO

List Of Best SEO Tools From Google.

SEO tools can be a game-changer for you, but only if you have the right one. So, let’s deep dive into it to get the most out of these tools!

Google Search Console (GCS):

Google Search Console is a suite of tools aimed at measuring your site's traffic, indexability, and helping webmasters to fix your sites’ SEO issues, and improve the sites’ search performance.

Google Search Console Report View
Google Search Console

This tool allows you to drill down into your site’s organic traffic(clicks), average rank positions, CTR rates and Total Impressions at your site.

Google Search Console is actually made up of numerous smaller and more specific tools which are coming up separately.

GSC Insights:

Google Search Console Insights is a new Google experience, and with the association of Google analytic tools, it gives in-depth insights to content creators and publishers, understanding how their audiences find their content.

GSC Insights Report View
GSC Insights Report

It also helps you to get the answer for following questions:

  • Which of your posts are performing best, and how is it performing?
  • Which keyword phrases are people most likely to search for before coming across your content?

GSC Core Web Vitals’ Experience Report:

This feature helps you to fix poor user experience, based on real world’s user usage.

GSC Core Web Vitals’ Experience Report:
GSC Core Web Vitals’ Experience Report

With Google’s Web Vitals and Performance, you can have a clear picture of what your users are experiencing, for both mobile and desktop devices.

GSC Mobile Usability Experience Report:

Google Search Console Mobile Usability report helps you to make sure that visitors with mobile devices have a pleasant browsing experience.

GSC Mobile Usability Experience Report
GSC Mobile Usability Experience Report

This report lets you know if there are any issues with text that's too small, content being wider than the entire screen due to larger font size, and elements grouped together so close that they're difficult to click or tap when viewing from smaller screens.

GSC Index Coverage Report:

GSC Index Coverage report is a way to keep tabs on your site's crawling and indexing process. If Google detects any problems, they'll send notifications and provide helpful feedback.

GSC Index Coverage Report
GSC Index Coverage Report

The different feedback statuses includes:

  • Error: cannot be indexed
  • Valid : the page has been successfully indexed.
  • Valid with warnings: Page has been indexed but with issues/ Problems
  • Excluded: Pages that are excluded from indexing (Google follows rules on the site such as nonindexed tags in robots.txt or meta tags, canonical tags, etc. that prevent pages from getting indexed to protect Google users and their privacy while they are browsing around the website.)

GSC Sitemaps Report:

The Sitemap report lists all of the pages on your site that have been submitted to Google Search Console.

GSC Sitemaps Report
GSC Sitemaps Report

Google's sitemaps report is a lot valuable for SEOs to use. They can use the Sitemaps report to inform Google about any sitemap additions and check when it was read by Google.

If they encountered errors while parsing through submitted content on your site via an XML file then it will also be detailed in this report!

GSC AMP Report:

The Google Search Console AMP report is an excellent way to identify and fix all the issues that might be preventing your AMP pages from ranking in search results.

GSC AMP Report
GSC AMP Report

The top-level view of the report will show every page with an issue, which is categorized by problem type so it's easy for you to fix everything in one place! Clicking on any issue to delve into its details, learning about which web pages have been impacted as well as what's causing it.

GSC Manual Actions Report:

A manual action report is generated by Google, when they penalize websites for using unethical practices that are against their guidelines. These strategies are better known as black hat SEO and seek to manipulate search engine results.

As part of deciding whether or not to take manual action against a website, Google employs thousands of human reviewers to check if websites comply with Google's Webmaster Quality Guidelines.

GSC Manual Actions Report
GSC Manual Actions Report

You'll be glad to know that with the Manual Actions report, you can find out about any issues your page or site has and file a reconsideration request.

GSC Security Issues Report:

GSC Security report helps you make sure that your site is safe for visitors. It prepares a list of all indications of hacking or any other action that might potentially damage your website, and if they find signs that someone might be trying to hack into your system, GSC provides an alert.

GSC Security Issues Report
GSC Security Issues Report

GSC links Report:

The Links report lets you view and analyze the backlinks of your site.

It shows you the total number of external links as well as which sites are linking to yours in a meaningful way that will make Google happy.

GSC External Link Report
GSC External Link Report

The Link Report also includes information about internal links on your own website so if there is something wrong with them or they need optimization/enhancement for SEO purposes, this tool can help point out what needs work.

GSC Internal Link Report
GSC Internal Link Report

You even have an option to export all data from within one easy-to-use dashboard (making life much easier).

GSC Crawl Stats Report:

The Crawl Stats report is a great way to see how Google sees your website. It's like an X-ray report! It gives information like the number of pages crawled, indexed and ranking in Google as well as the average page load time for each URL on your site (which can be useful when optimizing).

This tool also alerts you to if any availability issues were encountered, such as server errors or problems with the robots.txt file resolution.

GSC Crawl Stats Report
GSC Crawl Stats Report

GSC Crawl Rate Setting:

With the GSC Crawl Rate Setting, You can choose whether to let Google optimize the crawl rate, or you can limit Google's maximum crawl rate.

GSC Crawl Rate Setting
GSC Crawl Rate Setting

If you believe that Google is slowing down your server, it is possible to reduce or limit the crawl rate. But it is not possible to increase the crawl rate. If you have updated new content and you want Google to re-crawl this information on your webpage, then you will have to use the REQUEST INDEXING option in the URL Inspection tool.

GSC URL Inspection Tool:

The URL Inspection Tool can be used to determine the indexing status of a specific page. It also gives the information including indexing issues, errors related to structured data, and AMP errors.

GSC URL Inspection Tool
GSC URL Inspection Tool

GSC URL Parameters Tool:

URL parameters are variables that dynamically alter a webpage’s URL, giving the page an infinite number of different views. The different types of parameters are set by you and they have values that change the way things are shown on your page.

GSC URL Parameters Tool
GSC URL Parameters Tool

GSC URL Removal Tools:

The URL Removals Tool lets you urgently remove particular pages from appearing in Google Search. The default removal period is 6 months, but a duration can also be specified on the request form.

Moreover, this tool will allow you to visit your website's entire deletion history and see if there are any URLs that were reported as having adult content or other things of which we would disapprove when it comes to our search engine results page (SERP).

GSC URL Removal Tools View

Remove Outdated Content Tool:

Google's Remove Outdated Content Tool is a great way to ensure your site stays up-to-date with the latest and most relevant search information, all while protecting sensitive or outdated data.

Remove Outdated Content Tool View

GSC International Targeting Reports:

The International Targeting report is one of the most underutilized yet important Google SEO tools. The tool has a Language section that monitors tag’s errors and usage, and the Country section that can be used to inform Google about where you want your website to show up in search results-specifically for different language versions!

GSC International Targeting Reports

GSC Change of Address Tool:

The GSC Change of address feature helps you to monitor your site, when you change it from one domain to another!

With Change of Address Tool, you can notify Google that your site is migrating to a different domain. It also helps speed up the search engine's identification process for your new website.

GSC Change of Address Tool View

Robot.txt Tester:

A robot file is a text document that instructs robots how to crawl your website.

The Robots.txt Tester helps you to make sure that Google’s web crawlers are allowed access and can crawl all the pages on your site without restrictions. This handy little app lets you check if your robots file has errors or warnings, as well as whether the crawler is capable of determining which crawlers are allowed to access which URL.

Robot.txt Tester
Robot.txt Tester

Google Web Tool:

Worldwide, Google Web Tools provide the resources to help you improve your site's quality structure and user experience. These tools include email markup tester software, and page speed insights that can assist you with other aspects of online presence.
GSC Data Highlighter Tool:

Structured data markup is important for SEO, as it helps Google to promote your rankings in SERPS by tagging the main data fields on the pages of your website.

Google has found a solution to this problem, and it developed an organized tool called Data Highlighter that teaches Google about the type of information on a page and it also tags all that data including location, time, event name, price, and other specifications.

GSC Data Highlighter Tool

Google Analytics:

It’s a web analytics tool, offered by Google. It lets you analyze and report the traffic sources such as search engines, other websites and social media to improve your understanding about a website's performance.

With Google Analytics, it's easy for marketers to dive deep into their audiences' behaviors with data including pageviews per visit or average session duration and more.

Google Analytics Report View
Google Analytics

All businesses need to focus on SEO campaigns and Google Ads, but finding the right words for the website could be an uphill task for anyone, but this free keyword tool from Google can be used for keyword research or to get inspiration.

Google Ads Keyword Planner allows users to find relevant, and unique phrases that their business is related with. It also provides CPC estimation and number of possible searches from those terms.

Keyword planner Report View
Keyword planner Report

It's no wonder that the Google Trends is a popular tool amongst marketers. The site provides an easy way to determine whether or not it might be worth investing in any given topic by comparing the search volume for your target over time and across countries.

Google trends provides a graphical report against your searched term, and if your graph is steadily climbing up but has plateaued recently, then this might be a good investment opportunity!

Google Trend Report View
Google Trend Report 

Google My Business:

It is an excellent tool for organizations and businesses looking to expand their presence online, especially on Google Maps.

Google My Business also provides customers with all sorts of information about local businesses in their area . The information includes business’ opening hours, address, and contact details etc. Which ultimately lead them into making more purchases while they're browsing through the website or app on their mobile device.

Google My Business Report View
Google My Business Page

Google Alerts:

Google Alerts is a service that sends out emails to users every time it detects any new content related to the user's search terms. The Google Alerts tool monitors web pages, blogs, newspaper articles and even scientific research so you can always stay up-to-date with what interests you most in your field of interest.

Google Alert Report View
Google Alerts View

Google Similar Pages:

It is a handy search tool for those who wish to find other pages with similar content.

Clicking the Similar Pages extension will notify you of any pages that are similar to those you own or you are interested in.

Google Similar Search Page View
Google Similar Search Page 

Mobile Friendly Test:

With this tool, you can make sure that your website is well optimized for mobile users.

The Mobile-Friendly Test displays a report of how well your site's content renders on different mobile devices, and also offers recommendations to help improve the user experience.

Mobile Friendly Test View
Mobile Friendly Test 

Google Page Speed Insights:

It is a powerful and effective performance evaluation dashboard for both desktop and websites.

Google Page Speed Insights tool,  prepares a report, with the help of lab data, based on Lighthouse audits as well as real-world field traffic, with which you can see what the average website visitor thinks of your page load time. It also provides suggestions to help optimize web speed, such as optimizing images or reducing the number of redirections etc.

Google Page Speed Insight View
Google Page Speed Insight

AMP Test:

The Accelerated Mobile Pages standard is a new and easy way to make your website mobile-friendly. Having an AMP website can be the make or break in terms of your online presence because when you have an AMP page, it can load almost instantly on any device!

You can also find out if your site has the right configuration by taking a look at Google's free app called "AMP Test".

AMP Tester Tool
AMP Tester

Google Safe Browsing Check:

Google has developed a predictive technology that assesses countless websites each day and identifies any sites which are deemed unsafe.

To confirm the safety of a site, all you need to do is enter its URL in Google Safe Browsing Check tool. The status of your website's security will be displayed on Google Search browsers with up-to-date information.

Google Safe Browsing check Report
Google Safe Browsing check

Google Suspicious Site Reporter:

Google also have a Suspicious Site Reporter that keeps you safe from dangerous sites and help your own site be deemed as a trustworthy website. With this extension, the user is alerted whenever they are on an unsafe or questionable page with one of Google's iconic logo, appearing in their browser toolbar.

Rich Result Test:

The Google Rich Results Test will help you find out which of your web pages are eligible to generate rich results. This test will also help determine if any of the structured data on your page is eligible for Google's new algorithm and, if so, which ones.

Rich Result Tester
Rich Result Test


Lighthouse is a very handy and easy to use google extension that can be used for on-page SEO audits, performance optimization, or accessibility assessments.

Lighthouse tool report view
Lighthouse tool

This automated, open-source tool can be run against any webpage to help you improve the quality of your pages.

Chrome User Experience Report:

Chrome User Experience Report (CrUX) is an experimental browser for Windows, Mac and Linux. It is a public dataset of real user experience from millions of websites, which contains qualitative dimensions about the user. It collects data about how your audience uses Chrome in order to make your experience better.

Google Site Kit for WordPress:

Google Site Kit for WordPress is a plugin that provides insights related to user perspective and their web usage.

It provides up-to-date and authoritative insights from several different products belonging to the tech giant, such as GSC (Google Search Console) GA (Google Analytics), Page Speed Insights, and AdSense. Fortunately it can all be accessed directly in one place: right within your WordPress dashboard!

WP Site Kit View
WP Site Kit

Google Web Stories for WordPress:

The Google Web Stories WordPress plugin lets you create and publish interactive, swipe-able stories on your website with the power of a full screen experience. Unlike closed formats such as Instagram Stories which are limited to only pictures or videos, Google Web Story is open for any kind of content like text captions or images!

Google Data Studio:

Google Data Studio is an elegant and intuitive data visualization tool that allows you to create interactive dashboards, customize reporting style with your own aesthetic touch - all for free. Not only are the features low-hassle and easy to use but Google also makes it effortless to share reports or schedule them just when they're needed most.

Google Data Studio Report View
Google Data Studio

Chrome Dev Tools:

Google Chrome's built-in web developer tools grant programmers a simple yet powerful set of features, to help them out with the authoring or debugging of their websites.

It can actually be used to test website speed (for example, analyze the waterfall), performance, Memory, accessibility, security issues, and more.

Chrome Dev Tools Overview
Chrome Dev Tools

Google Structured Data Markup Helper:

If you want Google to better understand your site or webpage, then Structured Data Markup Helper can help. This tool will mark up all of the elements on a page making it easier for Google and searchers alike to see what’s there.

This way, when people will be searching for a site similar to yours’ online or in person nearby, they may stumble across your brand!

Google Structured Data Marker Helper Report View
Google Structured Data Marker Helper

Google Tag Manager(GTM):

This tool is considered as the cornerstone of any webmaster's tag management efforts. With the Google Tag Manager, they can manage all of their website's tags without having to edit the code. It also helps them ensure that all of their tags are working properly.

User Agent Switcher for Chrome:

It is one of the most popular Google Chrome extensions that allow for modification to be done with an HTTPS header, which causes the web server to believe you are using a different browser for your browsing instead of what you actually use.

switching your browser’s user agent allows you a quick and easy peek at what your work looks like in other browsers. You can also use this when there's some information on a page that is not compatible with your current device, and User-Agent Switcher gives you ways to modify it without reloading the page or downloading anything else from another site.

Google Consumer Survey:

Ever wondered how your audience feels about the site you’ve been working on? Google Consumer Surveys can help! With this option for measuring site satisfaction, it's easy to measure what users think of your website and their experience. It also helps when testing out new designs or content categories.

Google Cloud Natural Language:

With the help of machine learning, Google Cloud Natural Language Tool helps you to better understand customer conversations and social media sentiments by driving information related to places, people, and events from their conversations.


Google’s SEO tools are always reliable because they have in-depth knowledge of Google algorithms and google search engine crawlers, meaning that Google tools knows what Google wants.

Above, I have mentioned the very clear and complete list of google tools that can help you boost your website in SERPs. But for any further assistance or information, you can reach out to me at [email protected] and I would be really glad to help!