Grand Update – July 2020 Edition (v16)

Grand Update - July 2020 Edition (V16) - Brand Overflow

We promised a ton of features for our July update and although we got a tiny be delayed along the way, we did manage to pull off almost everything on our roadmap.

First of all, I’d like to thank all the amazing users that helped us through this update, the countless emails, live chat and even video calls with all of you is what makes our product great, every feature and every little tweak is implemented based on your suggestions and it has been an absolute pleasure to work with everyone!

We’ll go through some of the major updates in this post to keep it as short and sweet as possible (kinda not possible but we’ll try 😅 )


This may seem a bit odd, we were just on v2 and suddenly its v16??

Well, we made and remade all the features on our roadmap a bunch of times and we went back to the drawing board a bunch of times because we wanted the following for our next big update

  1. A design framework that focuses on data, has little distraction, and can evolve with us.
  2. Every bit of data that flows through our platform has to be synced across all tools.
  3. As much independent and privately-owned technology as possible! – This means, we wanted to make sure that we can provide large volumes of data while maintaining quality on our own, that’s the only way to keep growing our platform!

The very first thing I want to introduce to you is the addition of a new monitoring feature called the link tracker, available to all users in all tiers that we offer!

We often build backlinks on great places but these backlinks get lost in the noise and we soon forget about them, alot of you guys asked me for this exact feature because most of you had to pay for another service to get this. So, we chose this to be our next big feature addition for you at our platform!

For the example we’re going to be tracking a few links for Matthew Woodward (An awesome blogger that I follow myself as well)

At a glance you’ll get to know a few key things!

Backlink Data

  • Status – is there a backlink present or not?
  • Domain mentions (Where the domain was mentioned too but not linked to)
  • Image mentions – where the alt text or image name contains your domain name
  • Outbound links – # of links going out of that target page

Domain enrichment data

  • Trust Flow
  • Page Authority
  • Domain Authority
  • # of Referring domains
  • # of Total Backlinks

When you click on a link that you’re tracking a side bar would open to show you even more data as follows :

This is what we want to know while checking backlinks

You’ll get all metadata for every link present on that page in great great detail! We know you want to know as much as possible about your backlinks so we record and save each bit of info on a daily basis.

You read it right, we are one of the few link trackers out here that offer DAILY automatic link monitoring and tracking at no-additional-cost, this feature is available to all users and we will be adding some awesome features that compliment this feature in the near future.

New Design

First up is the totally new design, we wanted to build a basic design framework with as much space for data and as little distraction as possible. The current design framework you see is the result of countless reworks and we finally decided on this basic framework that will evolve with us in the future!

Keyword Generator

We wanted to build a keyword generator that works for the common man, no more API data from the same sources that every other tool in the world is building.

As most of you pointed out as well, SEO is mostly about intentions behind the keywords we choose. This generator is a building block for a future suite of tools that we are planning out. This is the kind of SEO keyword research most of us do before starting a project or targeting new keywords for our websites, it takes roughly 8hours-2days depending on the topic – it’s crucial to find out every intention and aspect of a keyword before we start building out our content.

Only English!

The tool only supports English for now but with the help of our users we will be rolling out more language support for it in the future!

How does it work?

Enter a primary keyword and it will spit it every user intent + keyword suggestions for that intent on one page – it does take a few mins to run but it’s definitely worth the wait!

Here’s what it looks like and you can export the data straight to CSV after it’s done!

Here’s the type of keywords you’ll get for your primary keyword (We’re using the primary keyword of VPN):


Your primary keyword being treated as a phrase could be considered questions as well but we found very different data coming out of terms like these.


Terms that use your keyword to form questions. These are great for finding even better questions that people are asking regarding the keyword you’re targeting.


Comparison intent keywords are the best to rank for if you are aiming at getting sales.


Hardcore e-commerce intention keywords that are directly generated from your primary keyword – these are your bottom of the funnel keywords – the money makers!


These keywords are mostly top of the funnel where users are just researching about a topic, great for generating highly relevant traffic!


Keywords with the intent of finding the topic in question locally near them – works best for topics that have an intention locally as well.

Numbers & Alphabets

It’s always great to see what possible keyword combinations are possible with numbers and alphabets so that you can be absolutely sure that you did not miss anything!

Rank Tracker – UX Update

To make data more accessible when it’s needed and not cluttering – that’s our main goal through the entire process.

When you click on a keyword that you’re tracking in a rank tracking project you’ll be greeted with this sidebar that holds more info regarding your keyword and it’s ranking performance in the last 30 days.

Further more, if you want to see the actual SERP behind that data, you can click that blue button at the bottom and another sidebar is going to open (it’s sidebar mayhem!).

This sidebar will bring in the SERP behind the ranking data and highlight your website in the list so it’s easier to find your website.

These little tweaks can only be made possible by the combined effort of hundreds of users that believe in us (thank you so much, again!)

User Data API

We have released the user data api as well!

You can get your api by going to your user profile page :

(Obviously I’ll regenerate my api key after posting this screenshot 😅)

Keyword Tool Rework

We reworked the keyword tool to make a more streamlined UX that gives you everything you need to know on the spot for any given keyword.

What’s next.

We successfully finished our first roadmap promise that was suggested by you guys and now we’re going to move on to our next roadmap with starts with suggestions from you guys as always!

The feedback form is located here :

We will be collecting feedback for quite some time and then create a roadmap based on the most popular ideas!