How to do Keyword Research?

Right steps to do SEO keyword research for your business, to develop and shape your band’s marketing strategy.

Keywords are actually words that define what your topic is all about?. Searchers use these keywords into search engines to search their queries.  Hence, choosing for the right keywords requires a lot of research. We already discussed it in our previous blog, that there are many important SEO factors, and one of the most important among them is Keyword Research.

What is keyword research?

Keyword research is a process of uncovering the keywords that your target market use, when conducting searches. It’s considered as a first step while planning the SEO initiatives and content marketing.

In this article, we will determine the power of keyword research and how it actually works?

How to do keyword research?

Here we will discuss a basic strategy for how you can proceed your keyword research:

Make a List of Topic :

Here you make a list of your brand’s main categories that you want to rank on google.

For Example, If you want to do keyword research for a brand that specialize in men’s care products. Then you will have to select the topic considering what your brand offers, and that can be:

  • Men’s facial wash
  • Hair care products
  • Skin care products

You can find related topics using Google:

Create a list of seed keywords:

Here you will have to identify a list of words that are relevant to your main topic bucket.

If you are wondering how to find these keywords, then all you need to do is brainstorming about how others search for their queries related to this topic. To do so you can use a Brand Overflow Keyword Generator tool.

Expand keywords list:

To expand  and refine your seed keyword list, you will have to use the Keyword research tools of Brand Overflow or any other provider like Ahrefs or Moz Keyword Explorer. This tool will help you to find out the similar keywords with their search volume.

Using Brand Overflow keyword research tools, all you will have to do is to choose the location and to enter the seed keyword into their search box and it will give you a list of:

  • Similar keywords
  • Related questions
  • Review based keywords
  • LSI keywords
  • Long Tail Keywords

Prioritize your keywords:

When you will have a huge keywords list, then you choose a few keywords among them considering their search volume to generate high revenue.

Identify preferred landing pages

Once you have categorized and prioritized your keywords, now you can use those keywords on your landing pages. But first you will have to map those keywords with specific web pages with respect to its relevance with that keyword.

Timely refine your keyword's list :

Trends change time over time and season over season so It’s important to continuously find out what’s new or what’s trending in your business. This will help you to refine new keywords that would be a new opportunity for your business.

Things to be consider while selecting your goal keywords:

The power of your keyword research reclines in the core understanding of your target market, It’s about understanding how they search for your content, services and products. It’s about answering these questions:

  1. What are people searching for?
  2. How many people are searching for?
  3. In what format, your customer want that information

Here is an example of XYZ clothing shop, consider that they want to show up their website in the organic search results and you know that SEO can help them to achieve their goal but to do so they would have to find these questions:

  1. What type of stuff and style people are searching for?
  2. Who is their potential customer?
  3. What word people use a lot, searching for that item?
  4. Which device people used during the searches?
  5. What value does that product give to the customer?
  6. Where are your potential customers located , Locally, nationally or  internationally ?

All these questions can help them to identify the best keywords that they could rank for. We can simply enter those keywords in any keyword research tool to discover the similar keywords and search volume for those keywords.

What is keyword’s “Search Volume”?

Search volume shows the average number of times a specific keyword is entered in a search engine per month.

What is a good keyword search volume ?

The higher the search volume will be, the more effort will be required to rank that keyword because big brands usually use those keywords so your competition becomes an uphill battle, and this is known as keyword difficulty.

In SEO, both high and low competition keywords can increase your website growth, it’s not necessarily important to always choose the high competition keyword. Sometimes it’s considered as more advantageous to target the keywords having lower search volume because they are far less competitive, in SEO we call them long-tail keywords.

Hopefully this article will help you to build a solid foundation of your SEO understanding.  Good Luck!

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