How to do keyword research for Local SEO?

It is important to do local SEO for your business if you are dealing locally. Don't worry because I will teach you how to do local keyword research in the next few minutes.

In order to grow your business in your hometown, it is important that you have a strong local SEO strategy. Let's say for instance that your business is a restaurant and all of a sudden interest from locals has increased dramatically because word spread about how delicious the food tastes. If this continues then one way to reach more people who are looking up restaurants near them would be by investing time into improving their ranking to get rank higher on searches like, best cafe near me, best restaurant near me, or best pizza near me.

This blog will cover,

What is Local SEO?

Why is Local SEO important?

How to do Keyword Research for Local SEO?

What is Local SEO?

Local SEO is a branch of SEO that helps local businesses like restaurants, car mechanics, beauty parlors or salons rank higher in search results for their location. Local SEO can make your business more visible to locals looking locally and drive traffic right down the street from potential customers searching "best pizza near me," "best men’s salon near me" or even “car mechanic near me."

Why is Local SEO important?

It's important to invest in Local SEO for your business because it is a great way to attract customers in their hometown. What you need to remember though, is that not all businesses will need local SEO. Some may only have customers coming from other countries or deal in worldwide shipments. If the majority of your traffic comes on foot, then local SEO can be an effective investment if they are going through Yelp or Google Maps. Like when someone local is looking for grocery stores in their neighborhood, they might get frustrated when the store on their corner is closed. Then they find you on Google Map and grab their respective items from your store. Local SEO helps you to increase traffic and earn more money.

According to research,

  • 56% of all Google searches consisting solely of locals seeking specific information pertaining only within a 5-miles radius around where they live or work
  • 53% of people will visit a store in the next 24 hours after searching for something nearby.
  • 50% of the audience use their mobile devices to find something nearby.
  • 1 in 3 searches people make are done after they have arrived at their destination and intend to purchase something inside the building.

How to do Keyword Research for Local SEO?

It's similar to normal keyword research, but the only difference is that in this kind you are restricted just to find out keywords that are used locally or near your area. Let me explain this briefly so it will be easier for you to understand

Firstly, I suggest you find out overall keywords from your country to get an idea of what are the common search queries then you can pick the most relevant keywords according to your need like this,

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From here I can get an idea of what general keywords are searched by the audience nationally. Then found those keywords Search Volume, Trend, or CPC in your respective area like,

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If you're looking to know more about a specific city or area, all the information is just one click away. The search volume, trends, and CPC are right there for your viewing pleasure on Brand Overflow Bulk Search Volume Tool too so get clicking

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With this tool, it is easier than ever to figure out which keywords are the most profitable for your company. You can find multiple keyword details simultaneously with just a few clicks of the mouse. This saves you both time and confusion because there's no need to do more research on local keywords.