Effective Lead Generation with 4 Easy Content Hacks

Effective Lead Generation with 4 Easy Content Hacks | Brand Overflow

It's so exciting when you finally get the news that your site has been receiving lots of hits. But, then it breaks your heart to find out how few visitors are converting into buyers. You ask yourself this question: what is it that you’re not doing right?

Converting your prospects into buyers or bringing their interest in something you have to offer is lead generation. And it is not an easy task to perform. But once you have your leads, they are a powerful resource for your company. If you get the right one, they can become loyal customers and will spread the word about how great your service is.

So, let's discuss how we can effectively generate leads with only creating good content.

1. The Magic Begins from the Homepage

Your homepage is the most important page on your website. Why? Your visitors will click away in a split second if they do not find what they are looking for. The front door of your house can lead buyers right down to another home, just like that. So, to lure them to stay on your website you need to get things that attract your customers. Now, if any of these following statements do not fall into your website, you need to make some changes urgently; (but don’t panic we will also take care of that with the forthcoming tactics in this blog.)

  1. Is your product/service understandable by the visitor?
  2. Do you have testimonials that work as word of mouth?
  3. At Least two call-to-action with proper definition and buttons.
  4. A form to collect emails of the visitors so you can reach them afterwards.
  5. Are your blogs visible and easy to access on your homepage?

2. Powerful Headlines to Draw Interest

A great headline always includes a strong verb and at least one descriptive word. Some examples of verbs are:

  • Improve
  • Expand
  • Increase
  • Boost
  • Change
  • Revive

Examples of describing words

  • Mind Blowing
  • Essential
  • Free
  • Simple
  • Effective
  • Killer

The headline “We provide you taste” doesn’t give much information about your business. The visitor to your website may be asking “Do they cook spicy food? Bake stuff? what cuisine do they make?”. To bring more life, make it exciting, and more informative, try to rephrase it this way; “We bring mind blowing taste to your food with herbs and colors. YOU NEED THAT WATER WITH YOU!”. This new headline explains that the food will be spicy and exquisite and will be tasteful. This makes much sense.

3. Close the Deal with captivating CTA’s

It is important to have a call-to-action on every page of your website, even on the terms & conditions pages. When someone finishes reviewing one page, they should be able to take an action in less than 2 seconds. If you failed to compel your visitor with a gripping CTA, there are high chances of bounce rate, that is what we don’t need.

So, to help you out, here are few good examples of CTA to get started with;

  • Homepage links to the About page - “Know who is the mastermind behind.”
  • Homepage links to the blog - “Knowledge center for the seekers.”
  • Homepage links to newsletter sign-up - “Receive a free guide!”
  • Homepage links to features page - “See what’s the magic you’ll get?”
  • Blog links to share - “Spread the knowledge with your friends.”

4. Create a Blog / Newsletter Powerhouse

Your newsletter can consist of your blog posts from the past week, business news and tips so you stay on top of current events. Sales are also a good way to keep people interested in what they get while staying relevant with the latest trends or technology that's come out recently. Your Newsletter Should Include Blog Posts From The Past Week or most viewed blogs.

Make sure that your newsletter sign-up form is always visible on the homepage of your website and in blog posts. This way, people will be more likely to pay attention when they are scrolling through their feed or checking out a new article you have written.

Your subscribers are your most valuable asset and it is important to offer them something that they will not want to miss. By offering free guides, short ebooks or exclusive deals on your product/service you can incentivize people who have been thumbing through the archives of newsletters for years but never taking a leap-of-faith when signing up just because before now there was nothing in store for them once they did sign up.

Hope this guide helps you to generate the lead of your dream. Don’t forget that there are many different ways to lead generation, to put a few, I have created the above list, that may help you with content hacks that lead you to lead generation. So, rewriting a headline may also make a huge difference that you’ll witness today.