Long Tail Keywords - Better Way to Get Specific Traffic!

Long-Tail keywords are more targeted search phrases, used to get generic traffic. Wondering how? Here is a quick guide to successfully adapt the technique.

Are you tired of trying again and again, to rank for high competing short-tail keywords?. If yes! then this article will lead you towards your SEO success, with the help of long-tail keywords.

What is a Long-Tail Keyword?

The concept behind this is quite straightforward.

Short tail keywords are much more specified search queries, that contain the most popular one to three words. While the long-tail keyword contains phrases more than three words, that are less popular but more focus keywords.

Get more sales and leads using long-tail keywords

Long-tail keywords are considered good for your new business. Its because they lead you to grow your business faster, by helping you to reach a specific and targeted audience. Hence focusing on these type of keywords is a great SEO tactic.

In order to get it's better sense and understanding, imagine a person searching for “Shoes” is probably just browsing. While someone searching for “top men shoes within range of 500” will be your potential customer as he exactly knows what he wants. That's the reason long-tail keywords are consider great for achieving high ranking, especially when your business is new.

How to Find and Use Long-tail Keywords?

You can find these keywords using a comprehensive, all-in-one keyword research tool of Brand Overflow.

Their keyword research tool is primarily used for competitive intelligence analysis and to provide the most accurate keyword database for the client’s website.

With this tool you just need to plug in your keyword in their keyword research tool and it will identify all the relevant short and long term keywords for you. However this process does not end here but it also gives you detailed SERPs features of those keywords, in order to find out the most lucrative keywords to advertise your business.

Their SERPs feature offers you a complete keyword insight including monthly search volume, Domain authority, Trust flow, backlinks , CPC and keyword’s difficulty.


Long-tail keywords in any marketing campaign, can help you to achieve a win win situation. Because with the use of these keywords you can get a better search ranking, more qualified search traffic and lower CPC.