Moz and Majestic Data Has Been Added!

Moz and Majestic Data Has Been Added - Brand Overflow

It’s thanks to our fantastic users like yourself that we create new features, data insights and get to mad scientists all the time. First of all, thank you for all your suggestions and feedback that help us develop these features!

Now here is what we got for you this time  🙌🏻

Moz and Majestic Data points for domains

These data points are already integrated into the Keyword Tool, Domain Lookup, and the SERP Viewer. You can check a demo of it here on a keyword that I’ve been working a lot with: moustache tips( for general research reasons of course)

Let’s go through what we got here for you :

ARF: Also Ranks For Whenever you google something, click on a result and go back, it shows you a special little mystery box that shows you :

That “people also search for” section is what we bring out and show you in the ARF section.

TF : Trust Flow by Moz
DA : Domain Authority by Moz
PA : Page Authority by Moz
FB : Facebook Shares for this domain
REFD : Unique referring domains (backlinks)
MAL : Backlinks count by Majestic

You might be thinking this is all fine and dandy, but wait there’s more!!  🤓

When you click any search result in the table shown, you will be greeted by a panel swishing in from the right with every data point we got!

Further more, all the keywords that we find in the “People also search for section” is now also included under the SERPs table. 😄

This gives our keyword tool yet another data point making it a whopping 9 data points.

Once again, thank you all for your non-stop help and support.

If you have any questions or ideas for more features and whatnot, I’m only an email reply away.  😊