6 Proven PPC Techniques for SAAS Market!

When it comes to SaaS marketing, you may find your relevant keywords are limited. There is hope though, as there are six PPC techniques that can help.

Keywords are a basis for everything in PPC. Marketing for SaaS companies can be challenging because of having difficulty finding catchy phrases. It happens because of improper differentiating between business-to-consumer (B2C) or business-to-business (B2B) intent.

However, there are several ways to use PPC keywords to reach potential customers and re-engage them, and that should come in handy for SaaS companies looking to keep their products in people's minds! In this article, you'll learn about six proven PPC tricks of the trade that have proven successful for many businesses already.

List of PPC techniques:

Competitor's keyword bidding

The bidding war for keywords can be a difficult game to play with niche products. However when it comes to catching the eye of potential customers, you might want to consider playing on familiarity and going up against competitors head-to-head.

To do so, you can use the power of your rivals' to your advantage by buying out their top keywords, which will give you some quick sales.

Bidding on competitor's keywords is an effective tactic that many businesses employ, when they first enter into a new market. It's particularly good if it coincides with similar products and services as theirs' because then people who are searching for those will be directed towards yours.

💡 Use rival's keywords with a bit of intelligence. A smart business owner knows how to take advantage of their competitor's mistakes. Research your competitors to keep tabs on areas where they may be weak and you are strong.

For instance, if a competitor has increased their prices or lowered their customer service quality recently, you can take advantage of pointing out what they've done wrong and let people know that your pricing is still good, and support is superior.

💡 To do a successful competitor research you can use a PPC keyword tool by Brand Overflow.

LinkedIn Lead Generation Forms

LinkedIn is the B2B SaaS industry’s best bet for targeting specific audiences. However, it also tends to be expensive.

Luckily, lead generation forms can help bring down the cost per acquisition numbers and make LinkedIn advertising a more viable option for your business in the long run!

Cross channel Retargeting

Many software as a service businesses struggle to reach an audience because of fewer targeting options on each platform. It's best to seek out potential customers from other channels in order to maximize access to the right people.

Be sure to use the UTM parameters to specify which audience you want to repeat.

You can then use channels like YouTube or Facebook to create a backlink address for people who visit URLs with these parameters.

For example, LinkedIn URLs may have the following parameters for visitors who attend a webinar signup page from an account-based targeting campaign.

  • utm_source = LinkedIn
  • utm_medium = Pedocycle
  • utm_campaign = Webinar_AcountList4.

You can then create an amazing audience that “contains” this string from the URL. utm_source = LinkedIn&utm_medium = Pedoshall&utm_campaign = Webinar-AcountList

Prospect list targeting:

You may have a list of prospects who are being contacted by salespeople, or people who expressed interest in your brand by signing up for a webinar. If those individuals have agreed to receive marketing communications, then you can upload their contact information into a database and target them across different platforms.

Here are some suggestions for maximizing the use of prospect lists in advertising campaigns:

  • Consider creating content with different appeal to your prospects. If someone has signed up for a webinar, they may be interested in reading a product or buyer's guide that is not event-based.
  • Prospects who signed up but then stopped communicating with sales should be contacted again. Contacting them again with better use cases and solutions.
  • You can show ads promoting the benefits of a paid subscription to people who sign up for your service on a trial basis.
  • Exclude a customer from your targeting list so you won’t waste your budget on a successfully converted audience.
  • Create a lookalike audience list, using your customer's data to target individuals with similar characteristics.

Account-based targeting:

In addition to targeting specific people, you can also use ABM (account-based marketing) to target a selected list of companies.

Account-based marketing is a focused approach to B2B marketing that involves the joint effort from sales and marketing teams to target best-fit accounts and successfully turn them into customers.

The advantage using this approach is that:

  • Good collaboration between sales and marketing team
  • less time and money consumption.
  • Short sale cycles comparatively.
  • Better customer experience.

Video view retargeting

Sometimes, SaaS products offer complex solutions that can’t be easily explained in a brief social post. This is where an explainer video comes into play, and presents the problem and how your product solves this issue as well as establishing initial brand recognition for you or your company to show them why they need what you are selling!

Even if a video doesn’t work for immediate conversion, you can run a video ad on Facebook and YouTube targeting an audience that is more engaged at the top of your funnel. This will allow you to retarget them with another CTA like signing up for events etc.

Final Thoughts:

It can be difficult to reach the right buyer when you do not have a good strategy. That's why scouting different marketing strategies and platforms is important, it might end up being beneficial in the long run.

I’ve already discussed each and every technique, with as brief detail and now in case of any further need you can contact me at [email protected]

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