What is Product-market Fit and How to Achieve it?

Product-market fit can be found when you identify a product that's both wanted and needed. To establish a successful product-market fit, read the blog!

The product-market fit is when you turn your customers into salespeople. In other words, it’s the moment when three things happen:

  • Existing users recognize the value of your product.
  • Your customers love what you offer and become advocates for your brand, they also encourage others to buy the product.
  • Your company replicates the excellent experience for the new users.

Businesses should always care about their customers and provide them with the best service possible. This is essential in order to ensure that your customer base continues to grow, which will help you achieve continuous success and this is only possible with product-market fit.

In this post, I'll go over what product-market fit really means as well as how it can be measured for any business!

What is a Product-market fit?

Product-market fit means being in a good market with a product that can satisfy that market by solving real-world and huge problems.

Achieving product-market fit is key to a successful business because it has the potential of driving incredible growth, revenue, and customer satisfaction. It’s important for founders or entrepreneurs who want their company to grow exponentially quickly as opposed to slowly over time.

Steps to achieve product-market fit

Perform a market research

Market research allows you to determine your target audience and create customer personas. Personas are fictional versions of those real people, to whom you are about to target.

You start creating customer personas by:

  • Segmenting the targeted population into groups, such as demographics, physiographic, geographic including location, age, gender, interest, and more.
  • Design questionnaires for customers, to learn more about your customer. it helps you grow your business

eg: What do they need, how are their goals met, and expectations?

  • Reach out your target audience, and talk to them on social media, public platforms, and through posts from influencers to know what they want.
  • Design a template to educate your audience on what you are offering.

Choose the right product

Choose a product with which your customers are unhappy. choose that product and work on them to grow the business.

Define your value proposition

Define your value proposition by creating a new USP.

USP makes you different from others, it defines how well you can satisfy the needs of customers better than any other company? with an affordable price while being exciting to use for all ages.

Design MVP

Decide your product MVP, and test it with the customer of your dreams!

Google's example about product-market fit

In the early days, Google competed with lots of other search engines for market share. Like the other players in its market, they made money by offering ad spots next to search results. But then something changed. In 2003, they jumped ahead of their competition when they introduced a new concept called AdSense which allowed them to make even more revenue than before!

Google's leaders recognized that businesses would pay to display their ads beyond the search page and developed AdSense, which used new technology to scan web pages for relevant content. For instance, if you had a business selling suitcases then you could use Google’s service by paying them so they will automatically show your ad on travel websites or similar sites.

Google's AdSense program was the first of its kind and is now one of Google's most lucrative ventures. With 19 million users paying $145 billion a year for digital ads to be placed on their websites or blogs.

To set yourself apart from competitors, take the time to find things that your competitors aren't doing and set your product-market fit. This is an excellent way of using Google's AdSense approach for business success!


When you have a product-market fit, your existing customers will share their positive experience with others in numbers large enough to sustain that product's growth and profitability, because they will become indirect salespersons for you by telling others about it.

So, try applying product-market fit's techniques today in your business, and in case of any further assistance or guidance feel free to contact me at [email protected]