Rank Tracker FAQs

Most asked questions about our Rank Tracker.

How the rank tracker works and what to expect?

The core purpose of the rank tracker is to bring in SERPs every day with proper location targeting and then show you the rank of your targeted url from that SERP that we bring in.

What api are you using to get SERPs?

WE don't use any api - we use our own servers to bring in SERPs. Hence our method is unique to us and can't be compared with others as every service is different in this regards.

My results don't match ubersuggest/semrush/etc

We are not comparing our results with other rank trackers as we have our own system that doesn't rely on APIs from these systems.

How do I know that the results are accurate/fresh?

We bring in a fresh SERP every day for every keyword that you have specified in the rank tracker. When you click a keyword in the rank tracker it should open more details about that keyword and on the right you will see the ACTUAL SERP that was fetched for you for that day.

Our main task in the rank tracker is to bring in the freshest SERPs and then find your targeted urls in them and we maintain a 100% daily SERP fetching performance.

My results don't match what i see in my browser.

This is also common just like while you may compare our rank tracker with other tools, our system's way of fetching freshest SERPs may not match what you see in the browser as well because of several cache based reasons that google's servers do.

As long as the freshest SERP is fetched every day from google we will display results that are present in that day's SERP.

How often do you update SERPs and at what time?

We fetch new SERPs every day at UTC 00:00

My rankings suddenly changed, can you fix the stats?

No, we rarely update our scraping algorithm to keep it as stable as possible. If you are seeing a drastic change in your rankings thats because of the SERPs that we fetch have those results in them. We do not manipulate the fetched data in anyway and store the data as we receive it from google itself.