4 Best SEO Plugins for Your Shopify Store!

These Shopify plugins will warn you when an issue comes up and it will provide you the necessary boost to keep going.

With Shopify, you can start your own e-commerce business in a matter of minutes to hours. But don't forget about its Search Engine Optimization!

Shopify makes things quick and simple. But it still requires a lot of concentration from SEO, so your Shopify store could perform to the best of its ability. It definitely takes a lot of hard work and dedication but Shopify SEO plugins can make it a lot easier and keep you ahead of your competition in the SERPs. Luckily! There are several Shopify plugins that you can use to ensure if your SEO strategy is being successful or not?

In this article, we will cover the top 5 Shopify plugins that are worth using.

1: SEO Manager

It's a supercharged Shopify SEO plugin, that has already helped many businesses rank better in search engines. With this plugin, you can easily understand and implement SEO measures to improve your store's ranking in search engines.


  • SEO issue scan
  • SEO issue scan suggestion
  • Focus keyword suggestion
  • Google keyword graph support
  • Image alt text issue scan
  • Identify Broken links/404 error and automate real-time repairs.
  • Scan index and no index page
  • Integrate google page speed
  • Test your website responsiveness.
  • Edit page title and description
  • Integrate google search result simulator to check how your website will appear on google
  • Allow advanced meta setting
  • Product out of the stock feature
  • Provides sitemap submission and its management
  • JSON-LD data support
  • Local business structured data
  • Integrated Google Search Console analytics
  • Google trends integration


The world’s second-most used search engine is actually “Google Images”. A recent study of Moz found that about 26.79% of all searches happen on it, nearly five times as much as you would find with YouTube, Bing or Facebook combined.

With  SEO Image Optimizer you can get your desired traffic from Google Images. If you're looking to expand your store's presence on Google Images by optimizing the images on your site, this tool is perfect for you!


  • Complete SEO optimization
  • Meta tag optimization
  • Auto fixing SEO errors
  • Alt text optimization
  • Unlimited image sync quota
  • Identify Broken links/404 error and automate real-time repairs
  • Google snippets
  • JSON-LD data support


With mobile shopping being the latest trend, it is one of the most critical ranking factors that Google considers. AMP (accelerated Mobile Pages) makes web pages more accessible to users in a faster manner and allows you to reap the benefits of web speed optimization.


  • You can create AMP-specific versions of all the essential pages of your Shopify store with a single click.
  • The tool lets you optimize your URLs for SEO so that Google ranks as high as possible and ensures optimal page speed.
  • You can edit all your AMP sidebar links with an easy to use the tool.
  • The tool lets you integrate Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager for even better-optimized web pages that are fast as they could be!


You can't run a successful online store without getting enough traffic to your site and SEO is the only best way to generate traffic. But remember! SEO is not only about following best practices and hoping your strategy works but you must have to monitor your strategy to confirm if it's going to work.

In an age when rankings and visibility are key, That's a good reason to consider using Plugin SEO, since it regularly runs automatic tests.

The app currently ranks #1 in Google for “Plug-in SEO.”


  • Edit meta title and description
  • Adds schema markup on your product page
  • Fix broken links
  • Optimize blogs
  • Find a keyword that drives traffic
  • Image alt text issue scan
  • Integrate Google webmaster tool
  • Integrate Google analytics
  • It runs automatic audits so there's no need to worry about forgetting something - it will find everything!
  • Email support
  • Multilingual SEO
  • Periodic SEO health checker report


Succeeding as a Shopify merchant requires more than simply selling good products. For your store to be optimized for search, you can use these plugins and it'll seem much easier than before!

The best part of all - you can save boatloads of precious time by priming your site with these SEO plugins instead of manual priming.