Top 8 Rank Tracking Tools 2021

Top 8 Rank Tracking Tools 2021 | Best Rank Tracking Tools

As data is growing faster, Manual keyword rank tracking is way too difficult for multiple keywords at a time and searching Google search engine pages (SERPs) for accurate data. So, there come these rank tracking tools which help in tracking and monitoring keywords and their rankings on SERPs. All you have to do is just enter all of your keywords and your domain and check for which keyword you rank and where you rank.

Using these tools is as easy as just fostering a cat, so basically, you'll find it difficult at times, but they got your back with their tutorials and FAQs.

We have listed down the top 8 Rank Tracking tools that you would find helpful in tracking your keywords;


Brand Overflow is an All-in-one SEO tool which we mean it, by providing our customers with a wide range of SEO tools while the Rank Tracker tool tops it. The Rank Tracker tool is easy to use with just a few steps to start a tracking project, enter your project name, your tracking domains, your competitor's domains, and the keywords you want to track for, and you are good to go. This tool provides you with your current and previous SERP ranking and other SERP features such as featured snippet, GMB listing, video, tweet, or ad. Plus points to the dynamic report sharing feature with a custom domain name, which means you can alter your company's logo on your report and share it with your team or client.


1. Keyword rank tracking which allows you to track your domain URL for a specific keyword on the SERPs and your competitor's URL as well, to see where your competition lies.

2. Dynamic Report sharing helps you to remotely share your project report with your unique identity with anyone anywhere.

3. Graphical annotation of each unique keyword, so that you can track where you reside each day.

4. Email report alerts of how your keywords are performing and what changes are happening in SERPs.


SEMRUSH is an all-rounder tool providing from SEO core features to creating social media strategies, they have it all. But let's talk about their Rank Tracking tool, where they provide keyword position tracking, domain position tracking, and competitor's domain position tracking, volatility tracking for any increase and decrease in the position on SERPs, and the reason of change, and organic or paid keyword tracking and traffic. They provide a PDF format report of the position tracking.


1. Position Tracking for any keyword, your domain, or your competitor's domain.

2. Sensor helps you track the volatility of Google SERPs and the reason for any changes happening, be it bad backlink or any core algorithm updates.

3. Ranks feature helps you to track your organic ranking for any keyword or the paid keyword tracking and paid traffic to your website.


Ahrefs Rank Tracker tool is one step tool, with just adding your keywords and going for tracking them. Ahrefs provides you with data insights such as visibility, average position and keyword tracking, and position distribution. It lets you apply filters and tags to clean your data and find particular data. The best feature is that it automatically tracks the keyword your website is ranking for.


1. Keyword position and traffic lets you see your progress for a keyword over a period of time.

2. SERP Features such as featured snippet, top stories, image pack, Adwords top, shopping results, videos, and tweets.

3. Track your competitor by tracking their keyword ranking progress, search traffic for their keyword, and competitor's SERP features.

4. Email reporting of keyword tracking and what's happening on SERPs for the given keywords.


SERanking has multiple SEO tools, Keyword Rank Tracker is one of them, which helps in doing SEO and tracking keyword ranking on SERPs. Their rank tracker tool lets you track your competitors positioning as well, to know what measures you should take to compete and rank well.


1. Google Ads/ Maps/ SERP Features Tracking helps in tracking your keyword in paid results, Google local pack results, and SERP features such as featured snippets, videos, tweets, and others.

2. Competitor tracking helps you with tracking your competitors by adding up to any 5 of them and track where they lie on SERPs which makes things easy to compare.

3.  SERP Competitor is a unique feature that allows you to get an insight into all the 100 SERPs with their dynamics.


SERPSTAT has all the SEO tools you need, but let's talk about their Rank Tracking tool with advanced analytics data for up to 100 SERPs for each keyword you entered. One unique thing SERPSTAT is providing its users with, is a tracking group of phrases as well, with unlimited sharing with a unique login for each.


1. Complete SERP research lets you have a look over all the top 100 SERPs for each unique keyword.

2. Daily results of tracking unlimited numbers of keywords and track how your competitors are performing.

3. Group of search queries with long-tail phrases with category definition for competitors.

4. Project sharing with team members and clients with their own unique login.


SERPWatcher is a separate tool by Mangools, which provides everything that a rank tracker tool should provide with. To start a rank tracking project, you have to enter your domain URL, location, platform/medium (desktop/mobile), and keywords. Once you start your project, you can see the overall progress and impact of your keywords on organic traffic to your domain. It lets you share your project report dynamically and gives email alerts as well.


1. Keyword position tracking lets you track the impact of keywords on the organic traffic.

2. Overall progress tells you your dominance index, which helps you to dominate your niche.

3. Interactive keyword ranking with dynamic project report sharing and email alerts.


AccuRanker has a rank tracker for free named as a SERP checker. SERP checker brings live data fetched straight from Accuranker engines, so the data they provide is accurate for free as well. However, Accuranker brings SERP history which tells you how the keyword has been performing in the past with in-depth analysis using filters to clean the results.


1. Historic data lets you monitor how your keywords have been performing previously.

2. With Accuranker you can track your SEO strategies and organize long-tail keywords data.

3. In-depth analysis of the data made easy to monitor by applying segments and filters, which helps in sharing clean reports with teams and clients.


ProRankTracker by its name is solely for rank tracking purposes. They fetch down to 100 SERP results and find updated rankings for your domain, it automatically updates your tracked keywords daily and allows you to perform any further updates accordingly.


1. Accuracy Algorithm fetches accurate SERPs up to 100 URLs and brings fresh rankings of your domain.

2. Daily updates the tracking keywords that you have added to your project and lets you perform manual updates.


Which is the best rank tracker tool?

SEMRush, Brand Overflow, Ahrefs, SERPWatcher are the best rank tracking tools.

Which is the best rank tracking tool for bloggers?

Brand Overflow & Accuranker are the best rank tracking tool for bloggers because of their lower prices and Accuranker has a free tool.

Which is the best tool for businesses?

Brand Overflow, SERanking, and Ahrefs are the best tools for businesses and especially small businesses because of their lower prices.